Why Chandeliers are necessary?

Why Chandeliers are necessary?

Chandelier in the room

Chandeliers are expensive compared to other lighting solutions, and many may forget it as suitable answer for their needs , but is this view true?

When we talk about the Chandelier, we talk about an element with strong background in past centuries , when Chandelier was just sign of wealth and status, but many things changed during these years. As an example, remember the days that Mobile phones were born. many of people had no sense to buy them and they was known as expensive accessories. But today, we see Smart Mobile Phones everywhere and also many kids use them for study and even for fun. Chandeliers also have same story. They was known as inessential things as they was in the past, and also many may think so now, but let have a new look to them, What they give to us, and what they take from us.

As we have talked before in “TYPES OF LIGHT SORUCES” article, there are 3 types of Light sources, and Chandeliers belong to the third type. so let have closer look to their advantages and disadvantages.

Chandelier in the room
Chandeliers can increase artistic Value of the space

Advantages of Chandeliers :

  • They will change their surrounding. Chandeliers have strong capacity to dramatically change the environment. they have significant size related to the room ,and their Architecture can easily affect the room Architecture. They can also add visual effects to the room that upgrade the interior design level and style.
  • They can be counted as peace of art. Chandeliers are artistic, some of them are handmade , so they can add to the artistic value of your space. You can find antique and handmade chandeliers that are sold as artistic products and they don’t have price have no limit.
  • Many chandeliers have good Lighting capabilities, They add enough Lighting to the room without adding glare and discomfort. Many of them, specially Crystal Chandeliers have elements that reduce glare , and convert it to beautiful looking glitter.
  • Compared to some Modern Lighting fixtures, Chandeliers are easy to maintain and upgrade, because classical ones \use socketed Lamps and they can be easily become replaced , changed or upgraded. For example you can easily change their wattage, their color temperature CCT , their CRI and even their look (Vintage, Modern, Clear, Frosted, …). Also it is possible to have reserved Lamps and change Broken down Lamps with new ones just in minutes, while it is not possible to change the Lamp of many modern Lighting fixtures and you need to Repair/Replace the luminaire itself.
  • They can do both Lighting and Illumination well. Chandeliers add good lighting level to the room, while they can provide lighting for elements of design that need more Light.
  • They don’t need structural change in the room architecture to become installed. You just need a hanger connected to structure of the room and supply wires in the ceiling, that is available in most of the rooms and become easily created in others. so you can provide enough lighting without special changes compared to modern lightings that may need holes in ceiling or at least addition of wiring for supply.

Disadvantages of Chandeliers :

  • Price, as we have told in the beginning, chandeliers are expensive compared to other lighting solutions.
  • Some , like some Modern chandeliers , have bare lamps. This is according to their modern design and can be useful, but it may cause discomfort if not used correctly.
  • Some Chandeliers do not provide uniform Lighting. It is because they are designed to add visual effects to the room and it will not provide uniformity in Illumination.
  • Cleaning them need more attention. Chandeliers have many sensitive parts and most of them have special finishing that must be cleaned with proper cleaners well.
Chandelier change space
Chandeliers can easily change the overall architecture of the room

Summation :

We can not claim that we have counted all benefits and disadvantages of Chandelier Lighting here , but this is enough to think about presence of chandelier in your interior design. These are related to which chandelier you choose for you interior. Some chandeliers are cheaper, some are more modern, some are more artistic, some produce more uniform lighting. So the decision is related to many factors , your budget, architecture style of the space, lighting requirements, size of environment, furniture and lifestyle. In an overall view, what you pay to buy a Chandelier is effective if you do it perfectly, beauty of chandelier is not only luxury , it is also functional and will increase overall value of the space, it will give you more comfort, relaxation , better lifestyle , and also a chandelier can cost less compared to other changes in architecture needed to upgrade your environment.

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