Third LuxaHome Interior Design Exhibition

Third LuxaHome Interior Design Exhibition

In third LuxaHome Interior Design Exhibition that held by Hami Holding, NIRA Company had active and glittery presence of its Products and Abilities.

Broad acclamation of Great and Active Building Industry Companies was a Glory for NIRANOOR

In this exhibition, special examples of new collection have presented. NIRA DROPs Multilevel chandelier with its High-Grade Hand-Made Crystals, STAR Crystal Chandeliers in Custom Sizes, IRON Multilevel chandelier with its Wall Lights, HOORDIS and ELISA New collection and also DAYANA Modern Pendants were part of presented products in this exhibition.

Samad SulaymanZade (Builder of Third Iran Capital Symbol) and his participants Visited NIRA Booth and got Familiar with Potencies and Abilities of NIRA in close look.

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