Tehran 29th Chandelier Exhibion-2023

Iran International Exhibition co is executing The 29th international exhibition of chandeliers, lighting and decorative lights in Tehran from 24 Nov – 27 Nov 2023 Niranoor has decided to take part in this exhibition with accompaniment of Nirahome, to share new products information and meet professionals and customers there You can visit our Instagram page for more […]

Why Chandeliers are necessary?

Chandelier in the room

Chandeliers are expensive compared to other lighting solutions, and many may forget it as suitable answer for their needs , but is this view true? When we talk about the Chandelier, we talk about an element with strong background in past centuries , when Chandelier was just sign of wealth and status, but many things […]

Types of Light Soruces

چراغ ال ای دی سقفی

Light Sources have difference types, Functional Light sources (Illumination) , Light and Decorative Lights sources.